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Let's look back - Reviews of past gaming events

Ellysebeth Leigh who has participated in ISAGA conferences since 1996 (Riga - Latvia), has kept a diary of the conferences she has visited. In the ISAGA News she regularly shares her memories of the these conferences with you.
For the ones who where there these written pictures brings back memories of these events, of the people you may have met, of the  presentations you may have heard.
For the ones who were not there, these stories describe the atmosphere of the ISAGA conferences, and may make you curious to participate in one of the next conferences.

ELOr, in the words of Elyssebeth:
"This occasional series will reflect on my experiences attending ISAGA conferences - beginning in 1996.  Themes that may emerge will include where we go for these annual events, why we decide to go, who we meet there, what makes these conferences unique and where they ‘take’ us in regard to new knowledge, the physical places we explore and the concepts and new ideas encountered."

The sub-menus in the News menu above will guide you to the reviews of Elyssebeth.



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