ISAGA members can log in with the same login name and password as for the membership database.


ISAGA Membership

All individuals can become member of ISAGA.
The first item in this menu gives you a couple of reasons why you should subscribe as a member of ISAGA.
The annual membership fee is € 50. For special groups (like students) there is a reduced fee of € 25 per year.

The next items in this menu help you to subscribe as a member or to see who are already member.
Access to the ISAGA Membership database is taken care of by a separate website. Therefore, if you want to see membership data, or if you want to get access to your own membership data, you will be redirected to another website, that opens in a new window.

Some parts of this website are open for everybody, other parts are only accessible for registered members.

Use the items from the menu to choose one of the following options:

  • Subscribe as a new member
    In a new window you will see a form. Fill in the required information, check the box that you agree with the conditions for subscription, and submit the form. After some time you will receive an email that you have been accepted as a new member. You will receive an access name and an access code, that allow you to visit the members only parts of the website.
  • Who are the members of ISAGA
    This option will give you a list of all ISAGA members, together with the organisation they work for, and the country. (More detailed members information is available in the members only part
  • Getting access to the members only part of the website
    Use the option 'Login to My ISAGA' to get access to the members only part of the website. You need a login name and a password to get access.


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