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Volume 8264 2014

Frontiers in Gaming Simulation

44th International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference, ISAGA 2013 and 17th IFIP WG 5.7 Workshop on Experimental Interactive Learning in Industrial Management, Stockholm, Sweden, June 24-28, 2013. Revised Selected Papers. Editors: Sebastiaan A. Meijer, Riitta Smeds

ISBN: 978-3-319-04953-3 (Print) 978-3-319-04954-0 (Online)

2012 To be published
2011 Bielecki, W., Gandziarowka-Ziolecka, J., Pikos, A., Wardaszko, M. (eds.) (2012). Bonds & Bridges. Facing the challenges of the globalizing world with the use of simulation and gaming. Warsaw: Poltext / Kozminski University. ISBN 978-83-7561-212-7.
2010 To be published
2009 CD-ROM: Learn to Game, Game to Learn; the 40th Conference ISAGA 2009; Society of Simulation and Gaming of Singapore, 2009; ISBN 978-981-08-3769-3.
2008 Bagdonas, E., & Patasiene, I. (eds.), (2009). Games: virtual worlds and reality; selected papers of ISAGA 2008. Technologia, Kaunas, Lithuania. ISBN 978-9955-25-682-3.
CD-ROM: Games: Virtual Worlds and Reality; The 39th Conference ISAGA 2008.
2007 Mayer, I, & Mastik, H. (eds.), (2008). Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation; Proceedings of ISAGA 2007, Eburon, Delft. ISBN 978-90- 5972- 2316.
CD-ROM: Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation; Proceedings of the 38th Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association; ISBN 978-90-811881-1-1.
2006 Abstracts and papers of the 37th Annual conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA); St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (Engecon), St. Petersburg, Russia.
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