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Mission and Aims

The aim of the Association is: to unite professionals from across the world and from diverse disciplines who engage in the research, design and application of gaming and simulation and related methods, and to further do everything that is directly or indirectly related or that may be conducive to these areas, in the broadest sense of the word. As a catalyst, the Association attempts to stimulate the design, application and research of gaming and simulation methods in a variety of domains across the world. The mentioned methods include a broad collection of research, consultancy, teaching and learning methods and techniques, such as game simulation, management games, policy exercises, computer simulations, computer assisted simulations, role-plays, scenarios, dynamic case studies, activities in the field of experiential learning, etcetera. All these methods simulate processes, such as economic, technical or social processes, and by applying gaming techniques contribute to the growth of knowledge about the simulated domain.

ISAGA strives to realize its objects by:
  1. closely following and distributing new developments in the field of gaming and simulation.
  2. stimulating researchers and students to conduct systematic research into gaming and simulation;
  3. stimulating practitioners to use gaming and simulation to their full potential;
  4. stimulating scientists and practitioners to present and publish their findings and to share their experiences;
  5. enhancing the proper use of gaming and simulation, including its ethical aspects;
  6. supporting scientists and practitioners to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of gaming and simulation;
  7. enhancing cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration between scientists and practitioners, and further by applying all other legal means that are deemed to be useful or necessary for realising the set objects.

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